Partner organisations

"BANSKÁ ST A NICA Contemporary"
Banská ©tiavnica, Slovakia
BANSKÁ ST A NICA Contemporary

The ©tokovec Civic Association, was founded in summer 2008. A year later it found asylum in ©tokovec industrial areas, at the railway station of Banská ©tiavnica. The open platform BANSKÁ ST A NICA Contemporary forms the background for a wide range of cultural activities. In the center of the cultural space's interest lies to facilitate active cultural production, realized through creative workshops, symposia and residencies of professional artists, who can work in the buildings for short stays or even for several months, creating a mutual benefits. The founders of the center are the artist and theorist Svätopluk Mikyta and the cultural manager Zuzana Bodnárová.
BANSKÁ ST A NICA is a partner organisation in European projects on mobility of artists, such as the residencies Re-tooling and on-air and it is a in the network of ANTENNA for independent culture. BANSKÁ ST A NICA is situated in a still functioning train station.

"©kolská 28 Komunikáčni Prostor/ ©kolská 28 Communication Space"
Prague, Czech Republic
Školská 28 Komunikáčni Prostor/ Školská 28 Communication Space

Communication Space ©kolská 28 is a multifunctional space for various nonprofit cultural and artistic activities. It is located in the courtyard of the neo-renaissance residential building "U rytířů", which was built in 1888. The space occupied by ©kolská 28 consists of an attached building that was constructed later, in 1939, which served as a workshop for galvanizing metal. During 1998-99, this parcel was renovated to its current form by the Linhart Foundation, and was opened to the public in January, 1999. The programming conception of the space arises from the specific characteristics of the location, where it is situated.
The space offers the community a variety of public activities connected to social life in the center of Prague. These activities take the form of a wide spectrum of initiatives, projects, and activities, and they also contribute to a revitalization of facilities for the improvement of the local civic conditions of inter generational communication, while working together with other non-commercial initiatives. The exhibition program is dedicated to the presentation of contemporary culture, presenting one of the small spaces on the cultural map of Prague, where one can meet and freely confront young artists from the Czech Republic and abroad, without consideration of the commercial aspect of contemporary gallery workings.

"Galeria Labirynt/Labirynt Gallery"
Lublin, Poland
Galeria Labirynt/Labirynt Gallery

The Labirynt Gallery organizes exhibitions and presentations of contemporary art. It cooperates with other galleries representing a similar profile at home and abroad. Thhe gallery proposes meetings, lectures and discussions on a regular basis. In our premises we maintain a collection of contemporary art. Our publications result from our exhibitions and promotion programme. Publications, photographic and audio visual documentation as well as our library with books, catalogues, magazines, photographs and videos from various art centers in Poland and abroad are made accessible to public at request.
The artistic programme realised in the Labirynt Gallery originated from two artistic conceptions: art of analytical abstraction and conceptual art. All changes, the programme has been subjected to, result mainly from the activity of art within its area. Art is a continuous intellectual process, rooted in tradition and culture, capable of constant revival, independent from the ever changing time, coexisting with it, independent from anybody and anything, a being in itself capable of interfering into its own essence and contemporary phenomena, thus expressing itself through artistic means which are characteristic for its epoch.